Booze News: The Halloween Zombie Walk and some bitchin’ booze

Students become living dead when cold, alcohol join forces

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

So it’s Halloweek (round 2?) here in Pullman. This usually means Halloween parties, costumes of an extravagant or revealing nature, pumpkin beer and more selfies being taken with strangers than any other day (probably). So for those of you who understand that drinking good things is a marathon, and not a sprint, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets.

First, I’d like to share a small personal joy of mine. Bloody Marys, appropriately named for this time of year, are always a good thing to start a brunch off correctly. Some say Mimosas, but personally, bubbles combined with the shots of pumpkin spiced Jack Daniels still brewing in your stomach from the night before, doesn’t sound like a good way to start the day.

Very few things bring me more happiness than seeing, what I have come to lovingly call, the Zombie Walk. The sight of people stagger back from a house party they attended the night before, in all of their make-up-smeared and often shoeless glory, simply brings to mind of what a Zombie Walk really looks like.

However, do not think this is shameful. It’s not. This is learning at its finest, and you did it like a champ. Let’s face it: It’s cold outside, and you, my zombie friends, powered through like the best of them. So you hold your head high when dragging your makeshift fairy wings or Hugh Hefner bathrobe behind you. You — and my Bloody Mary is raised — are the real Great Pumpkins of Halloween.

Second, let’s talk about sophistication. I myself adorned the best make-up someone, not me, can apply and became the handsomest Mer-Man on dry land. So what does a two-legged, ocean dwelling mythical fish-human drink? The answer is the winner of this week’s Cocktail Roulette Challenge: Skylar “Bee’s Knee’s” Cracraft at The Foundry. His challenge was rye whiskey and he made up a drink, from scratch and delivered to me “The Gent.”

“The Gent” is a sophisticated drink that combines James Oliver Rye Whiskey, Bauchant Liqueur, Luxardo Marchino, Fernet Branca and simple syrup served chilled, but with no ice, in a coupe glass with a thick orange peel garnish. This classy badass tasted so smooth, and so “what-your-parents-house-kitchen-smells-like-on-Thanksgiving,” that it deserves a place in my top 10 favorite drinks. The flavors of warm cherry, cardamom, clove and a subtle sweetness of brown sugar with orange zest make this a fantastic drink.

I learned something new this last weekend: There is no such thing as “too much Eggs Benedict,” and maple syrup goes great with bourbon. Coming at the behest of a cocktail champion and flavor guru, I decided to celebrate the new season of “Stranger Things” with a maple syrup themed cocktail. Because, you know, Eggos. Watch the show, you’ll understand.

A rosemary maple bourbon sour is a fantastic and easy drink to make for all you booze aficionado’s out there. Just muddle some fresh rosemary and combine with lemon juice, bourbon whiskey and maple syrup. Shake thoroughly and garnish with more rosemary, and you have a drink that is so perfect, you’ll want to call it “bitchin’.” It’s from the ’80s. Again, watch the show. It’s really good.

Dad’s Weekend is coming up, and if you’ve been listening to every word I’ve said, you’ll know exactly where to take Dad for good beer and booze and thank him properly. Stay safe, my friends, and bottoms up.

Chris West is a sophomore viticulture and enology major from Plano, Texas. He can be contacted at [email protected].