Letter to the editor: AG wasting taxpayer money


Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office initiated its 19th lawsuit against the Trump administration, this time for rescinding Obama administration requirements that employer plans provide contraceptive coverage.

However, the Congressional Budget Office 2016 Affordable Care Act Baseline report, which details Obamacare’s projected impacts, estimates that employer mandates will result in millions of American workers losing employer-provided health benefits. CBO figures indicate a cumulative annual loss of 83 million worker health benefit plans through 2026, affecting over 9 million workers.

Non-group market losses are comparable at 37 million plans lost, affecting 4 million consumers. In short, far more workers will be negatively impacted by the ACA via complete loss of benefits than benefit from added perks like contraceptive coverage. Surely, more women will be among those losing benefits entirely, than gain from a single additional perk?

Ferguson’s action shows Washington Democrats care more about wasting taxpayer funds to signal “resistance” to Trump, than fixing their own policies, which require the loss of essential benefits by millions of workers, on top of the dramatically higher insurance costs and taxes required by the ACA. Stop playing politics with the health benefits of millions of American workers.