Booze News: An Irishman stumbles into a ZZU…

Updates to the ZZU have this alcohol enthusiast swooning



ZZU Manager Skyler Cracraft tends to the bar at the newly reopened ZZU Club and grub bar. Cracraft said, “I’m excited to be back open, this is what Pullman needed.”

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

There’s a certain appeal to knowing that you’re a necessary evil — not necessarily in a mean or military sense, but knowing you are doing bad things for good reasons. I drink so you don’t have to. I drink, tell you about it, and then you go drink where I drank. It’s a win-win.

I’m the Han Solo of the alcoholic galaxy. The Daniel Ocean of cocktail lounges. I’m the damn paterfamilias of pub crawls. You get the picture. And now, thanks to you beautiful bastards, I’m back as well, and with me, Booze News is back for what we professional drinkers fondly refer to as “Round Two.”

Speaking of Round Two, the lovely neighborhood alcohol dispensary known as The Zzu has gotten a makeover. Fronted by none other than Skyler “Bee’s Knees” Cracraft, the former bartender from Foundry, this place has gone through a caveman punch of renovation, remodeling and rebranding. The place looks absolutely fantastic.

It’s like a sexy blend of metallic swanky-ness/Las Vegas club and that warehouse your drunk friend suggested you go to after hours because there’s a Mega Man rave going on until 6 a.m., without all the dangers of tetanus and roving troops of drug dealers.

The drinks are carefully crafted by Cracraft and his merry band of booze slingers. I recommend the Zzu Margarita. It’s perfect on a cold night, thanks to the tequila, and it’s infused with jalapeno for a little extra spice.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, the food is awesome. It’s not your average bar food. It’s good bar food. The pulled pork sandwich is especially awesome, due to what literally is “awesome sauce” and onion strings. It pairs perfectly with the margarita.

The atmosphere is electric and chill at the same time. It’s a bona fide club and grub. They have themed nights, drink specials, local and headlining DJs and entertainers. There are lines out the door, so get there early and get a place at the bar. The Zzu is back with a bloody vengeance. Get there!

If you’re feeling a bit more casual and Polynesian, Etsi Bravo’s Tiki Tuesday is still one of my favorite places to haunt.

For those of you who are stingy, and don’t like to share, go for the Baker Street Swizzle. This mysterious green bastard hails from my home state of Texas and completely changed my mind about the Green Fairy.

A combination of Absinthe, fresh lemon and lime juice, falernum (a sweet dark additive that gives a taste of cloves and Caribbean spice), fresh mint and some bitters make a cocktail worthy to be served to Zeus himself. I just think he’d like it. It tastes of licorice, mojito mint and sweet limes. It’s perfect. Order three, just for yourself. But have someone else drive, of course.

As always, stay safe, my friends, and bottoms up.