Student favorite intramural soccer registration opens soon

COLIN CONNOLLY, Evergreen reporter

Soccer won the award for students’ favorite intramural sport at WSU.

Tracy Martin, a competitive sports graduate assistant in University Recreation, said the sport is so popular among students that she already had to increase the limit on number of participants in the coed division.

“I think a lot of people enjoy intramural soccer because it isn’t as much about technical skills,” Martin said.

Nine-on-nine soccer, which will start after spring break, is one of the most popular intramurals they offer, Martin said. By the time spring comes around, she said, people are sick of the winter and want to get outside, and soccer is a great way to do that.

There are five different divisions: men’s, women’s, coed, fraternity and open. These divisions are all separate from each other, but are not split into competitive and recreational to start.

Martin said that as the season progresses, if there are teams consistently losing or winning by a wide margin, they will schedule accordingly.

“We definitely have a ton of teams that are really competitive and skilled,” Martin said. “That’s the fun part, because there’s also a mix of teams that have one or two skilled players and the rest of the team are just friends running around to have fun and get a workout in.”

Registration for the nine-on-nine soccer league is open until March 15, with play starting on March 19.