Booze News: Last call until fall

After a year of drunken fun, we say goodbye to graduates, school

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

One of the horrible realities and drawbacks of good times is that at some point, they will end. The lights in the club switch off. The bartender yells out “last call.” The cocktail server brings the check to the table.

The last hour before it’s time to round your herd of drunk friends together for the ride home is always the worst. Well, it’s that hour and it’s my sad duty to shout out to you all, “last call.”

It’s been a pretty busy year for the Drunken Traveler. From drinking a newly released Malbec at Merry Cellars to sipping a James Spader at Marcy’s over spring break, I threw myself into the mix of every possible alcoholic scenario that I could get my hands on. What makes it better is that I got to tip my glass to you beautiful bastards.

Cougs know how to throw a party and a game of pong or two. I’ve made new friends drinking at Stubblefields while almost having four heart attacks watching then-quarterback Tyler Hilinski make one of the most dramatic comeback wins in college football history. He was certainly on top of the world that night. Our glasses are still raised to you, Tyler.

We watched the zombie walk the morning after Halloween while sipping Bloody Marys. We drank mulled wine at Christmas parties. We found snuggle buddies over champagne and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. We shared a beer with dad at the Stanford Game and played Mom’s Weekend bingo over wine.

But now, we say goodbye to some of our nearest and dearest. Some of us will say, “See ya in the fall,” while some of us will just say “See ya.” We’ve made the best of friends here at WSU. While the bar eventually closes and the night gives way to morning, the pictures, stories and memories will always last.

Now is the time we say farewell to seniors and friends. You’ve had what is arguably the best time of your life during your four-plus years here at WSU. But now school is done. Go explore the world. Drink in new places and make new friends.

If you’ve found work closer to Pullman, sip wine at Tertulia Cellars in Walla Walla or a pint at Schilling Hard Cider in Seattle.

Your time here in Pullman may be done, but there are plenty more bars to pull a chair up to. Booze is meant to be shared, toasted and laughed over.

Seniors, we raise our glasses to you. You will be missed. I’ll be back in the fall, chronicling the best of social gatherings, house parties, bar room shenanigans and booze of all sizes and kinds.

Here’s to you, beautiful bastards. Be good, be safe and be awesome. Bottoms up!