Letter to the editor: Don’t be inactive this election season

Oh no, it is an election year again. Yes, it’s true. So it is time to register to vote or to update your voter status.

In Whitman County, there are almost 5,000 inactive voters. That is, voters who have had their ballots or notices returned to the elections office as “undeliverable.”

Our first reaction is that they all must be WSU students, but in fact there are inactive voters in every town in the county.

If you have moved since the last time you voted, even moving from apartment A to apartment B, update your status at the Secretary of State’s website: [email protected], or call the Elections Office at 509-397-5281. To receive your ballot for the Aug. 5 Primary, update by July 7.  For the Nov. 4 general election, update by Oct. 6.

This is so easy to do, and although in May there may be no issue or person you wish to vote for, that could change anytime between now and Election Day. What a disappointment it is when one can’t vote because of one’s own carelessness.

Carolyn Cress

Pullman resident