Booze News: pairing popcorn, champagne

Develope your taste buds, drink light ale, eat Jack in the Box and sandwiches



A classic wine-and-cheese pairing at Merry Cellars isn’t the only food and booze option. Try fish tacos and ale to mix it up.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

I thought it was prudent to talk about something very near and dear to my heart this week: food. Let’s face it, aside from nights of drunkenness and Halloweek, all we have until March are food holidays.

I gathered my Ladies in Drinking and asked what you beautiful bastards enjoyed dining on as you threw back a pint of whatever. I received a whole smorgasbord of answers, some of which were very interesting and some were just boring. Whatever tickles your fancy or floats your boat, you do you, no matter what the calorie intake is.

One of the most intriguing and interesting responses I got came from none other than Blake “The Valkyrie” Preston. When she’s not mixing drinks at Valhalla, she and her Viking husband enjoy relaxing, as well as pairing the food and booze of the ages: champagne and popcorn. Because that’s a thing.

There’s nothing fancy about it, just simple movie butter popcorn and a glass of the finest wine from one of the most prestigious winemaking regions in all the world. People, next time you’re trying the whole Netflix and chill routine (whatever that means to you), give this idea a go.

At the very least, put in some minimal effort to impress your crush. At best, you were creative and quirky, and you know how things go.

Another more traditional pairing is seafood — more specifically, Cajun seafood, paired with a fat, buttery chardonnay. It’s next-level divine.

According to Nicole West, also known as the Quality Control Otter, a bottle of Newcastle and cheese is what you should do. It doesn’t matter what kind of cheese you choose. However, she’s partial to Purple Haze from Cypress Farms.

Patrick Merry from Merry Cellars Winery is quite fond of a light ale (none in particular) with some white fish tacos and citrus. Mac and Jack’s beer and literally any sandwich from Jimmy Johns can be tasty too — just know that the Ultimate Porker is the best.

Me? Well, quite frankly, I can’t imagine life without one particular food and wine pairing. However, sometimes you just have to make a decision. When life hands you a bottle of 2009 Opus One, go to Jack in the Box and get some tacos.

This is what life is all about: pairing a world-class Bordeaux-style wine with tacos. That said, as always, be safe out there, you drunken bastards, and bottoms up!