Pelluer chooses crimson and gray over Crimson Tide

Sixth-year linebacker said Alabama reached out to him about transferring schools



Then-redshirt senior linebacker Peyton Pelluer scores a touchdown against Boise State, bringing the Cougars within a touchdown of tying the game on Sept. 9, 2017.

JACKSON GARDNER, Evergreen reporter

It was a big win for WSU football Saturday night but following the win we learned something shocking about sixth-year linebacker Peyton Pelluer. He was approached by the University of Alabama to transfer schools.

Obviously, Pelluer turned that offer down.

“Alabama offered me to go over there this last summer,” Pelluer said. “So I spent a good week or so contemplating that, praying, talking to [linebackers] coach [Ken] Wilson, [former defensive coordinator Alex] Grinch, who’s no longer here, but having a lot of heart-to-heart’s and really thinking it out and I just decided to stay because this is the place I wanted to be.”

When Pelluer responded, members of the media initially thought he was joking, but as he expanded on the question everyone realized he was serious.

During his time at WSU, the linebacker has accumulated 268 tackles. When we close the books on Pelluer’s career, it is well within the realm of possibility that he leaves in the top-10 for career tackles at WSU.

Pelluer was a part of the 2013 recruiting class that is widely regarded as the integral class to assisting Head Coach Mike Leach turn the WSU program around in the right direction.

“I wanted to finish what I started here,” Pelluer said. “We had a class last year with 20 or so guys that helped build this program up to 3-9 in 2014 and now we’re here. I believe in this team that’s here right now so I just wanted to come back and lead and help this team in the best way I could.”

But beyond all the career wins, tackles and other accolades that Pelluer has collected beyond the years, he is a part of a legacy that is hard to come by anywhere. The Pelluer family has a rich tradition of playing football at WSU, in fact Pelluer is a fourth-generation WSU football player.

The legacy begins with Pelluer’s great-grandfather Carl Gustafson who was a flanker for WSU from 1925-27. Next was his grandfather Arnie Pelluer who played defensive end from 1953-55. Then Pelluer’s father Scott Pelluer played linebacker for the Cougars from 1977-80.

Finally, there’s Pelluer whose career is yet to be closed and with a family legacy such as his, he couldn’t see it end in any other uniform than that of the crimson and gray.

Pelluer said that his family legacy definitely impacted his decision to stay rather than transfer to the program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that has 17 National Championships in its history.

“Crimson is in my blood, and so I just wanted to stay here,” Pelluer said, “and like I said, finish what I started and just keep this train rolling and keep this program rolling up.”