Daylon’s Daily: finishing on a high note

Hicks hopeful for end of season progress



Hicks clears the 2.05-meter bar at the WSU-UW dual meet at Mooberry Track on April 22,2022.

DAYLON HICKS, Evergreen reporter

WSU hosted University of Washington last weekend for the first dual meet in Pullman since 2018. 

It felt strange not having to wake up for an early flight or practice, but I was not as ecstatic as I hoped I would be for a home meet. My mind was focused on school, trying to finish the year out strong. When it was time, I knew I had to set my problems aside to focus on my jumps. 

My season-best is 2.03 meters, and to make it to NCAA regionals, I will have to make a 2.10 or 2.11-meter jump at least. I met up with my group early to finish a class final. Then I went straight home to prepare for the meet. Before each meet, I think about what goal I want to achieve and how to achieve it. 

After filling up my water bottle, putting on my gear and saying a prayer, I headed off to the track to get warmed up. While riding my scooter to the track, I noticed there was a lonely tree next to a river of ducks near the field grounds.

I decided to just sit and breathe because my main objective was to make everything feel balanced for this meet. When walking to the track, I noticed a large representation of crimson swarmed around a few people wearing purple for the Huskies.

I did feel a little lonely because most of my teammates had their families surrounding them with love and encouragement, but I felt the same influence when my friends watched me compete.

When warmups came around, I felt some soreness in my knee due to the high impact of practice. I knew I had to maneuver around the pain and find a way. After a few minutes of warmups, the competition began, and the nerves started to kick in, but this time around, I was better at controlling them. I made all my jumps on the first attempt up to 2.05 meters, which I had to jump on the final attempt. 

I knew there was a lot at stake mentally if I did not make this bar. I would not have the self-esteem to think of NCAA regionals, and it would really raise the question of, “am I capable of jumping at a certain height?”

With a strong effort, I jumped and made it over the 2.05-meter bar, but I knew I did not have much left in the tank. My mechanics were off when jumping 2.08 meters, but in my head, I knew it was fine.

Deep down, I was disappointed in myself because I was not even close to my goal, but I know that this meet only builds potential for the last couple of meets to finish on a high note.