When Ducks aren’t so mighty, victory fills atmosphere

Read about what to do this week as All Hallows’ Eve draws near, try a new drink recipe to spice things up



You don’t have to be scary this year. Release your inner boujee b-tch, go to a masquerade and try to win that costume contest.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

You know that special feeling of accomplishment you get when you study abnormally hard for a test and get an A? Or when you wake up on a Sunday morning (sober) next to that person you’ve been crushing on for the past three months?

These are two very different levels on the happiness spectrum, but both carry the same sense of victory as winning a gold medal in the Olympics or finding the perfect avocado at Safeway.

The calm air emanating from Pullman right now is a reflection of this aforementioned sense of victory. We have been on the crest of a high and beautiful wave, and sweet Zeus, did WSU fans celebrate.

First, we got a win from ESPN when College GameDay came to Pullman and again when Lee Corso picked WSU to beat the University of Oregon Ducks. Oh, and then our team won the actual football game. Simply, there was a lot of winning going on in Pullman. It’s almost as if “it’s like Woodstock, except everybody’s got their clothes on.”

There was going to be a night full of celebration and there were so many great drinks to be had. My entourage and I needed something to keep us alert and energized, so I plugged into my basic self and had a delightful new friend make the Basic B-tch Martini.

This drink features chai tea, a shot of vanilla vodka and half a shot of Irish cream (shaken, not stirred). Serve it chilled in a fancy glass because we’re f-cking classy. Top it with cinnamon and nutmeg if you’re feeling extra. Pinky up and sip. Fun fact: this can also be served hot in case you want something warm before class.

In other news, there’s going to be a lot going on this weekend. As the King of Booze wanders among his kingdom, I expect every one of my drunken subjects to be dressed to impress, scare, entice and turn-on. Stubblefields, The Coug and Valhalla will all be open to the costumed masses, though no official events are slated as of yet, but something might show up.

Etsi Bravo does have quite the weekend planned with the fourth annual Masquerade for those who enjoy being fancy and spooky. This event will include performances by live DJs, VIP bottle service, dance contests and a costume contest. This evening of secret-fancy-things-in-the-nighttime starts at 9 p.m. Friday.

Additionally, Etsi Bravo will host a Halloween party and costumes are encouraged. This event starts at 9 p.m. Saturday and lasts until 2 a.m. Sunday.

So ladies and gentlemen, break out your glitter, fishnet tights and practice your makeup-applying skills to get your zombie motif just right. All Hallows’ Eve is finally upon us and I shall be there drinking bloody drinks along with you.

With that being said, I want to make sure all of my naughty and nice subjects are able to throw back some ghostly-themed drinks with me, so please be careful out there. Let’s help cab drivers become wealthy and get yourself a ride home. As always, stay safe you drunken bastards and bottoms up.