Columnist on Colbert

A Daily Evergreen columnist received national recognition on The Colbert Report Tuesday night for her controversial column about anal sex.

“Considering the taboo, exploring the road less traveled” was published Feb. 13. Abby Student, junior strategic communication major and Evergreen sex and relationship columnist, said the idea for the column came to her almost by accident.

“I had done a bunch of relationship pieces, and someone jokingly suggested I do an article on anal,” Student said. “I was like, ‘you know, I should.'”

Life Editor Lance Lijewski, a freshman double majoring in communication and sports management, said he knew the column would be controversial.

“When she first mentioned the topic, I cringed a little bit, but I knew what Abby is capable of,” he said.

Student said despite criticism she felt confident she’d written a strong piece.

Shortly after the publication of the article, The Huffington Post contacted The Daily Evergreen, looking for student sex columns to feature in an article regarding sexual trends on college campuses.

Student, along with two other students from college campuses across the nation, were interviewed on HuffPost Live, and a subsequent article was published March 4 on Huffington Post.

Student said she heard the article would be featured in a segment of The Colbert Report only a few hours before it aired through the tweets of viewers on the East Coast directed at The Daily Evergreen.

Lijewski said when he heard one of his writers would be featured on the show, he was extremely excited.

“I didn’t even care that The Daily Evergreen was going to get publicity, I was just proud of her,” he said.

Candace Baltz, director of student media at WSU and adviser to The Daily Evergreen, also said she was proud Student’s worked achieved national recognition.

Baltz said Student does the research and consults with experts to make sure her information is accurate, and most of the controversy comes from the taboo nature of the topic.

“Abby does a phenomenal job, and treats the subject with the respect it deserves,” Baltz said.