Booze News: Week of Dead approaching quicker than expected

Book of booze back to provide assistance during study sessions; drink recipes for group projects



Add Jameson, tequila or gin to your favorite hot chocolate to spice it up.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

The slow march of time does not break for anyone, at least not for mere mortals like the Cougs of Wazzu.

We only have two weeks of school remaining in the semester. This means studying and making up for all the classes you or may not have attended during the entire semester. It’s no easy task.

So I dug into my little black book of boozy cocktails to help with the doldrums and inevitable arduous tasks while still maintaining an adequate level of “happiness.” What are friends for, huh?

First off, we need to recognize snow has fallen and that means the cold is here to stay. The days of sipping rose on the patio or slurping on a nice cold beer on temperate evenings are gone. However, if you’re so inclined to keep the chill going and maintain your optimum energy level, try drinking a Mexican iced coffee.

Grab some cold brew from the store — the more potent, the better — and pour in six shots in a shaker. Add four sticks of cinnamon, two shots of whole milk, two shots of some agave syrup and a little shot of Reposado Tequila. Shake it, warm up in the process and enjoy. You just made yourself a double whammy of coffee-infused goodness.

While this time of year certainly requires focusing and studying, it also calls for sharing the warm festiveness. For study groups, I would recommend a fun new tradition my own family and friends started recently: a hot chocolate party. This one is easy, cheap and can impress others.

Begin by grabbing multiple packets of whatever your favorite hot chocolate dusting is, heat up milk (not water — again, you’re a grown-up), and remember to include the travel bottles of your favorite liquors courtesy of the nearest service station.

Feeling Irish? Get some Jameson. Or how about adding a little Latin flavor and going for tequila? Hell, grab gin if you’re feeling proper British.

If you want to get your boujee-ness on, get some cinnamon sticks and chocolate pieces to throw in your mug. Don’t forget marshmallows. We may be grown-ups, but dammit we’re not soulless.

Throw the ingredients in the middle of the table for your study group to help themselves. You might need extra helpings if the final you’re about to face is determined to kick your butt.

With that being said, as we slide into finals week remember to take some time for yourself but continue to complete your tasks at hand. I promise there will be plenty of drinking to do after the exams. Stay safe out there you drunken bastards and bottoms up.