Booze News: Welcoming a Valkyrie to our beloved Valhalla

King of Booze sits down with Pullman’s newest bartender, lists best parties around town



Biology and Spanish professions major Hannah Moody explains why she chose bartending as her second job Friday afternoon at Valhalla Bar and Grill.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

Now that I’m back into the swing of things with school, work, ruling a majestic alcoholic empire and whatnot, I feel I can relax a little bit more and dig in for a grand season with you wonderful bastards.

I have made some new friends and reunited with old ones, so it looks like spring semester is shaping up quite nicely.

Speaking of new friends, I strolled down to Greek Row and into Valhalla’s for a pint. It was there I was introduced to Hannah Moody, Valhalla’s newest bartender.

While sipping on a lovely glass of blood orange cider, I had the opportunity to sit down and get to know Moody. One of the more delightful things about this meeting was that Moody has never poured a drink professionally, so this was a quite serendipitous encounter.

Moody is an intellectual, mind you, and intellectuals all have a great trait in common: they want to succeed in all endeavors they take part in, and bartending is no different.

Moody is an aspiring cardiothoracic surgeon who has a penchant for sweeter-tasting cocktails and the busy, albeit gory, lifestyle of a Los Angeles area hospital triage nurse. It’s no wonder that a good drink at the end of the day would be her go-to.

She has a soft spot for a good Vodka Collins, a sweet drink served on ice with vodka, an orange and maraschino cherries. Her passion and alcoholic aspirations lie elsewhere, in that she wants to master the daunting achievement of making the perfect and unique Old Fashioned. This put her well into my good graces.

Moody is an excellent conversationalist, a trait that all bartenders should have. She’s very perceptive and welcoming. With the right kind of practice, she can be among the best drink slingers in the city. Valhalla’s has a new Valkyrie, so order some drinks and welcome Hannah Moody to the Kingdom of Booze.The

Speaking of bears and chainsaws, it is never too early to start making plans for upcoming parties and shenanigans around town. One party that I will be attending is the Bravo Disco at Etsi Bravo. This fly gathering of go-go boots and afros will take place on Jan. 26 starting at 9 p.m.

What better time to dust off your vinyl boots and bell-bottoms than late January. You know — the normal time for disco parties. There will be VIP seating and table service, themed drinks and music by DJ Macfie and Grant Ekdahl. Folks, if bell-bottoms and hair with a lot of mousse strikes your fancy, boogie on down to Etsi.

That being said, I’m glad all my wonderful subjects are back after the long holiday break, and I’m looking forward to drinking with the best of you over this glorious season of booze. Cheers to you, you drunken bastards, and bottoms up!