Letter to the editor: Do your research before shaming Sherman

Letter to the editor


I feel like the Wednesday’s column “Sherman should just shut up” was very condescending and backed with little to no facts or support.

It wrongly portrayed a player who has dedicated days of his time to charities not just in Seattle, but in his home town of Compton, Calif., as well.

Chris should have done a little more research and maybe even noticed the popular opinion that what he did after the NFC Championship wasn’t disrespectful.

This article perfectly demonstrates the way the media tweaks quotes and bits of information to portray a person in a false light.

As Washingtonians it is our responsibility to know the whole story before we go and write an article meant to defame one of our most popular athletes.

I’d expect this type of thing from Megan Coughlan, not a Coug.

– Heath Turner

WSU Student