RECIPE: Spice your love up with stir fry

Spicy food can be a fun way to start a conversation with your date



Create the right kind mood you want in the bedroom, starting in the kitchen.

SANDY VO, Evergreen reporter

They always say food is the way to the heart.

Maximillian Obasiolu, WSU Student Entertainment Board executive director of concerts, said he leans toward spicy food when it comes to preparing for a date.

“When I think of a sensual type of food, it would be something spicy,” Obasiolu said. “Curry powder is an aphrodisiac.”

One easy dish that’s great for setting the right romantic mood is stir fry.

BBQ Chicken Stir Fry:

What you’ll need

  • 1 diced bell pepper
  • 1 large circular cut carrot
  • ½ diced red onion
  • 2 lean chicken breasts
  • Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
  • Chili powder
  • Cayenne pepper and black pepper
  • A clove of garlic

“I think spicy food is good for dates because it’s a funny conversation starter and can get people talking about what kind of food they’re used to, which can tie into the culture they grew up with,” Obasiolu said.

Time to make: 20-25 minutes

Let’s start with the veggies:

Pre-heat the vegetable oil in a skillet before adding the bell peppers, broccoli and onions. Once they are in there, keep the skillet on medium-low heat and cover the skillet. Monitor them every few minutes; you want them to have a slightly crunchy texture.

Meat time:

The chicken can either be prepped with spices before cooking it in a separate skillet, or the spices can be added as it is cooking. You can choose any combination of spices you like.

“I like to add chili powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper and a pinch of Creole seasoning,” Obasiolu said

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, then put it in a preheated skillet, separate from the veggie mix, with a medium amount of vegetable oil.

Cook the chicken on medium heat as well. About 5 minutes into the chicken cooking, add about 2 cups of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and let the sauce melt and infuse with the chicken and vegetable oil.

Mix them together:

After both of those are done cooking, put the vegetables into the chicken skillet and stir the concoction for about two to three minutes.

The end results should smell sweet and poignant, and both the chicken and vegetables should have a crisp look to them.

“I think the aroma reminds me of stepping into a lightly steamed sauna,” Obasiolu said.

This recipe should definitely heat up the night.