Puppies and Pints fundraiser for Autism Anchoring Dogs

Two dollars from every beer bought will be donated



The Disability Action Center and Autism Anchoring Dogs partnered together to fund raise for kids with Autism.

CODY SCHOELER, Evergreen reporter

A fundraiser, Puppies and Pints, will be hosted by the Disability Action Center and Autism Anchoring Dogs.

The event will take place at Tapped Taphouse and Brewery in Moscow Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Vicki Leeper, disability action center marketing specialist, said two dollars from every beer bought at the event will go towards the Disability Action Center.

“Come have a beer, have a good time,” Leeper said. “I’m sure Tapped could use the patronage because of the snow, normally people don’t go out as much.”

Leeper said it costs around $25,000 to train a service dog. They will use the funds to train service dogs for families who have kids with Autism, especially kids that are runners, she said.

They train larger breeds of dogs to lie down when kids with Autism try to run away, she said. The kid is attached to the dog like they are walking it and are not able to run away when the dog lays down.

“It just makes it much nicer for the families to take part in life,” she said. “That is what we do at Disability Action Center, we remove barriers so people with disabilities can take part in life like everyone else.”

Leeper said three of the puppies being trained will be there for attendees to meet.

“Let’s face it, puppies are warm and fuzzy,” she said.