Prep for midterms with hippie self-care staples

Taking time to relax is essential to survive testing season stress



Kraig “Sam” Brown of SAM’s Apothecary recommends teas and essential oils for tension.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

As midterms roll in, it is important to stay relaxed and take time for yourself.

Kraig “Sam” Brown, owner of SAM’s Apothecary, offered helpful tips on how to unwind while in the middle of the overwhelming exam days.

“Any form of energy work is great to help relax,” Brown said. “Whether it is reiki, yoga, or meditation — find a way to learn how to work within yourself to bring back your point of peace.”

If meditation and yoga seem too time-consuming for you to plan out in between study sessions, you can have some easy “me time” in seconds.

Whether you are in your room, the library or a cafe, Brown said he believes crystals could help bring your energy to a relaxing state.

“Quartz [is] a great option,” Brown said. “They help energy do what it is supposed to do and helps keep the energy moving. If you can’t find that, you can use any darker red gems. They help with grounding as well.”

Another great option is the use of aromatherapy or different oil scents, he said.

Brown said that the store carries a blend called the “pocket Zen blend,” which is portable. The blend is in an inhaler and contains lavender, ylang-ylang, tangerine, petitgrain, Scotch pine, and Buddha Wood. Rosemary clears cognition and he said he believes rosemary helps improve memory and focus.

He said the most popular oils are lavender and orange, which people use for stress and rejuvenation of the mind.

“My favorite types of relaxing oils are the pocket blend and palo santo,” Brown said, “both of which help with grounding and centering.”

If scents give you a headache and aren’t worth your trouble, Brown suggested trying some teas.

SAM’s Apothecary carries many loose-leaf teas that help with stress.

“Your favorite type of tea is usually the best one for you in your time of need for the midterm rush,” Brown said.

Brown said to help lower your stress response, you can use a mix of lavender and chamomile. You can also use the “brain-off” blend stocked at the apothecary.

“It helps bring down the twitching state of stress that some people have,” Brown said.

If you’d rather stay up late to study but hate coffee, there are teas that also help with your caffeine intake.

“Some herbal teas are stimulating, especially the ones with peppermint,” Brown said. “But if you want caffeine, go for the black and green teas. Earl Grey is a really common tea for studying.”

When midterms finally come to an end, reward yourself for all the hard work. Self-care is essential to avoiding the pain of school-related stress.