Does a secret room on campus store belongings?

Formerly closed dorm may house possessions from original residents



Waller Hall reopened due to a larger incoming class size, and it includes special storage.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

Waller Hall is one of the oldest halls at Washington State University and holds quite the secret.

Andrew Beck, coordinator for leadership and diversity initiatives for the resident life department and adviser for RHA, said a room in the hall has been dedicated to items owned by previous residents.

“Think of it like a time capsule,” Beck said. “The secret room supposedly had a new item added to it each year.”

Waller Hall reopened fall 2018 due to the large influx of students. The supposed secret room is located on the first floor.

This rumored hideaway looks just like all the other rooms but might hold valuables other than residents — secret items, Beck said.

Beck said that because the hall was closed due to Global Scholars Hall opening in the fall of 2015, the room might have been cleaned out. The room might also have been cleaned out due to construction workers making The Spark: Academic Innovation building.

“If the room isn’t cleaned out, people might mistake the room for either a regular resident room or even a custodial room,” Beck said.

He said he’s heard rumors about the room.

“I heard about it from the RED for Waller Hall when they were here,” Beck said. “They now work at Oregon State.”

The hall was a hub for on-campus events in its history, including fencing, a traveling trophy.

“Waller Hall would hold a week-long program that mirrored that with Stevens [Hall],” Beck said. “These two residence halls were brother and sister halls.”

Waller Hall was also made to mirror the image of Stimson, another all male hall across from the Spark.

Students who live in Waller now might be living next to a little room full of mysteries.