To the moon and back


Thanks for teaching me so many valuable life lessons. The most important one of them all: to always be yourself.

You’ve taught me that no matter what, no one person is better than the other, and there is something to learn from everyone, good or bad. The more you know, the more you grow.

You’ve taught me to be more kind and forgiving, rather than distant in this cruel world. Even if that means being more susceptible to hurt, because being compassionate and always having an open heart and mind can expose you to the most beautiful, unexpected moments and connections.

You’re the realest mom out there who gives the most honest advice no matter how uncomfortable. Nothing is out of your realm and I absolutely adore that about you.

I know I can share basically anything with you and feel no hint of judgment. I love that you genuinely laugh at my wild and dumb jokes, while you constantly crack me up by not taking life so seriously all the time.

I feel like we are the same person, especially when we make the same food the same night or both go bowling or see a movie and we find this out after the fact. We’re so connected, even across the state.

I see you put forth every ounce of your love, care and energy into every move you make, and since I’ve gotten older, I can feel how it’s resonated with me my entire life.

You saturate my life with love through your kind words, your killer home-cooked meals, your thoughtful advice and just by being you. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Mom, you have a special soul and there’s no one who can even compare to you, your sass, your class and positive uplifting attitude.

I love you to the moon and back. You will always be my biggest supporter, my person to lean on, my rock.

Love, Latisha