Drivers told to remove studded tires

Violators should expect a $136 fine for an equipment violation



Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant says those who do not remove their studded tires by March 31 will face a $136 fine.

CODY SCHOELER, Evergreen reporter

The deadline for Pullman residents to change out studded tires on their cars is fast approaching.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said tires can be used from Nov. 1 to March 31 according to Washington state law.

Tennant said there is evidence that studded tires have a detrimental effect on the roads and cause damage to the highways. The law is in place to limit the use of studded tires and the damage to the roads caused by them.

He said they are able to hear studded tires on the road and the tires are easy for the police to detect.

If people do not adhere to the law, Tennant said, they may be subject to a $136 fine for an equipment violation.

Pullman residents are good at following the studded tires law, he said. There are usually not a lot of violators.

Tennant said if residents still have their studded tires in early April, the police officers may be lenient and let them off with a warning. They understand that Les Schwab Tire Center is backed up from trying to remove studded tires.

“If you still have them [studded tires] on in June or July,” he said, “expect a ticket.”