Flood sparks GoFundMe for damages



Flooding last week made all exercise equipment in Snap Fitness unusable. There was mud and debris covering the entire floor.

CODY SCHOELER, Evergreen reporter

A Snap Fitness employee set up a GoFundMe page in response to damage caused by flooding on April 9.

Snap Fitness Manager Kyle Jorgensen said the flood destroyed all the fitness equipment and shut down their business. He set up the GoFundMe page on April 12 and they have already received about $1,500.

He said although the gym is severely damaged by the flood, he is most concerned about the people.

“It wasn’t a gym I was trying to save,” Jorgensen said, “it was a community.”

He said the bond between members at the gym and employees at Snap Fitness inspired him to make the GoFundMe.

“They don’t miss the equipment or the workouts,” Jorgensen said. “They miss the people.”

They are still assessing the damages caused by the flood. They don’t know how long they will be out of business, Jorgensen said.

The last time the place flooded was three years ago, he said, during the same month. They were out of business for over two months and they expect a longer recovery this time because it was more severe.

“I was getting tired of waiting,” Jorgensen said. “I jumped the gun a little bit on the GoFundMe.”

Jorgensen said he set the goal at $50,000 because that is about how much it costs to open a gym, which is what ownership will have to do.