Letter to the editor: Computers in the new era


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Civilization is at the beginning of a new era; computers. Computing capabilities have exponentially improved in hardware and software in the last twenty years. This new era brings both new solutions and problems that humanity has never faced before. From artificial intelligence to the latest social media frenzy, all aspects of life are being taken over by computers. But as computers advance, people are having difficulty trying to keep up.

Computers hold the key to how our world will interact on all levels. They solve environmental crises, yet hold the power to win a war. However, computers are built with back doors. There are ways into every bank account, email and website. Computers will become exploited by the few individuals who are capable of controlling it.

For generations, people have had their own customs and beliefs. Computers cannot fundamentally change who people were and are, but people’s livelihoods are being stored as numbers and sequences in a way that has never happened before. Computers should not control our way of life, they were designed to help, not control. Computers should be used as an extension of oneself, not as a part of who you are. Now is the time to decide if we will let computers control our lives.