Winter activities: a flow chart


This list is in order of most extreme activities to the most chill activities.

Vertical ice climbing

Not for the faint-hearted. Not even for the strong-hearted. Just for the ballsy. Make sure to pack your gloves and hats, it might get a little chilly.

Cross-country skiing

Although not as life-threatening as some winter sports, cross-country skiing is a great fit for those looking to make little progress for the amount of effort required. Who wouldn’t want that?


This is only for the gnarliest of the gnar. You need the hair. You need the ‘tude. You need to be a surfer. But instead of waves, you’re shredding the powder. Rad.

Ice fishing

Yes, you might just be sitting there. Watching paint dry. Oh wait, wrong boring sport. Umm, you might just be sitting there, hoping the fish aren’t frozen, but you get to saw through ice, which is kind of fun, I guess.


Some may wonder why this isn’t higher on the list. Sledding can be one dangerous sport. Those trees come out of nowhere and attack you. But if you can pull off a jump, that’s pretty cool.

Ice scraping

Though a necessity, ice scrapping is one of the most popular winter sports. You can scrape designs into the ice or even break your ice scraper into unique plastic sculptures. However, proceed with caution, as accidentally hitting cars with ice is not good form and ruining an ice scraper can ruin your afternoon.

Netflix marathon

If the snow stresses you out and you don’t like to go outside, try out Netflix marathoning. It might take some training to be able to knock out a season of Grey’s Anatomy in an afternoon, but with enough preparation and the appropriate amenities (hot chocolate, blanket and pajama bottoms), anything is possible.