College pro tips: Week 1


Welcome back to the Arctic tundra. For maximum points, try:

1. Pick the snowiest path, it’s more likely to prevent an embarrassing tumble.

2. If you have to drive, do so at night. There are fewer people and cars to slide into. Plus, you can practice your snow driving.

3. As much as you’d like to stay warm, don’t hold hands with your significant other, or really anyone for that matter. That way when one of you falls, there is no domino effect.

4. OR, do hold everyone’s hands so you all fall together, creating a true bonding experience and giving everyone else passing by something to laugh at. Just wait, their time will come. Karma’s a bitch, and the ice has no favorites.

5. That 8 a.m. class got you down? Too bad, you still need to go.

6. Coffee is a beautiful thing. If you slip while holding coffee, do whatever is necessary to save the stuff. It might be your lifesaver later on.

7. Does someone have the nerve to sit in your seat on the second day of class? Get there before them, because that seat may be the best thing about that class.