A letter from Schulz: An experience to savor

KIRK SCHULZ | WSU president

Life on a college campus is an experience to treasure.

Yes, it’s an experience often defined by assignments, deadlines, projects and meetings.

Yes, it’s often a hectic day-to-day existence, as we balance academic responsibilities with the lure of amazing campus activities that create life-changing moments and opportunities.

And yes, earning a college degree requires intellectual curiosity, hard work and self-sacrifice.

And probably at least a few sleep-deprived days.

But at its core, college – and the knowledge gained and the memories created during the college years – is an incredible and powerful experience to hold close to our hearts as life moves onward.

There are so many precious moments to relish: the lifelong friendships formed, the personal freedoms gained, the intellectual growth that occurred.

I know from my own personal experiences, based on more than a quarter-century spent on college campuses across the country, that I feel incredibly fortunate.

The opportunity to work with extraordinary people and be involved in an enterprise that changes lives in unbelievable and profound ways is truly inspiring.

I’ve reflected often on these themes as our bright summer days gave way, first to the brilliant colors of fall, and now to the beauty of the first snowfall that blankets campus as we turn toward the heart of the holiday season and the winter months ahead.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our new graduates, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of you who have achieved this milestone.

After you celebrate this moment that opens doors to unimagined opportunities, my deep hope is that you’ll experience life and career success and happiness.

I hope you will cherish your time at Washington State, and resolve to stay connected to the Cougar family.

When Noel and I joined Washington State last June, we knew the university had a growing and well-deserved reputation for the caliber of its academics, research that makes a difference and its deep commitment to serving residents across the state.

What we perhaps underestimated is the passion of the Cougar community.

“Cougar Pride” is a strong and palpable sentiment throughout Washington – indeed, throughout the world.

It appears not only at athletic events, but also in nearly every aspect of life in the state and beyond as WSU alumni and friends support each other, the university and the university’s accomplishments.

New graduates, know that Cougar Pride is priceless. Treasure it. Savor it. Share it.

As you well know by now: once a Coug, always a Coug. You can count on Cougs to support you throughout your professional and personal journey.

All the best in your future endeavors. We look forward to hearing about your next adventures and accomplishments.

Go Cougs!