Get through the roar of the ’20s with even louder music

MAGGIE QUINLAN, Evergreen reporter

The new roaring ‘20s are off to an intense start to match the decade’s name — the Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion may as well have roared when the ball dropped.

What’s that ear-splitting noise? Just the thunder of World War III, climate change burying us in snow, fires rumbling through Australia and the world screaming in terror as extreme weather decimates every continent.

Drown it out, baby. Yes, I just pivoted my sunglasses from my head to my eyes. I’m cool, I’m fun and I’m definitely not hiding my tears over Armageddon behind my sexy shades.

With this playlist of fresh-out-the-oven new releases and quirky beats, you can function and get that bread through this whole mess too.

People you already know like Selena Gomez and Mac Miller’s ghost respectively rejoice in her ability to “Dance Again” and reflect on how people only want to hear “Good News.”

People you might not know like 070 Shake and local band Street Couch croon over futuristic beats and make sexy music you’ll be able to hear live this semester.

Wishing you blessings through the roar this semester, year and decade.


  1. “Guilty Conscience” by 070 Shake
  2. “The Box” by Roddy Ricch
  3. “New Mexico” by Street Couch
  4. “Good News” by Mac Miller
  5. “Tokyo Drifting” by Glass Animals x Denzel Curry
  6. “Dance Again” by Selena Gomez
  7. “Westworld” by Evan Giia
  8. “You F O” by Stela Cole
  9. “Maniac” by Conan Gray
  10. “Far Away” by Beast Coast
  11. “Sidewinder” by Cautious Clay
  12. “Disco T**s” by Tove Lo
  13. “Touch” by Cigarettes After Sex
  14. “SB-07” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  15. “Messy Girl” by Lackhoney