Region’s first wildfire breaks out just outside of Pullman

The Pullman region’s first wildfire of the year burned about two acres of brush and grass along the east bank of the South Fork of the Palouse River on Sunday.

Chief Lester Erwin of Whitman County Fire District 12 said volunteer firefighters from his district and District 11 units from Albion and Colfax responded around 5 p.m. to the fire, burning near the intersection of Brayton Road and Pullman Albion Road, just northwest of Pullman.

The blaze did not injure anyone or threaten any structures, though if it had not died out once it hit a crop of wet, green wheat, Erwin said the blaze would have marched toward a barn.

“Another couple of weeks,” he said, “it would’ve been a different story.”

Firefighters contained it in about half an hour, Erwin said, and have not yet determined the cause.

He advised everyone to be careful as the Palouse dries up this summer, citing additional fires in south Whitman County.

“Wildfire season is here,” he said.

Reporting by Cody Cottier