Best Lunch Spot

There is not a bar or restaurant in Pullman that has more tradition than The Coug. The Coug opened in 1932, and has had a major presence on Colorado St ever since. Generations of Cougars come back, searching through the thousands of names to find theirs, while grabbing a beer and perhaps some food. It is hard to find a Cougar who doesn’t know what The Coug is. The Coug, while known for its beer, has some great food. “In my opinion, we have the best burger in Pullman,” says bartender Kate O’Leary. The Coug offers the Super Coug, which is a ginormous burger, popular amongst football players and those who are really hungry. Some other popular items are the Coug Burger and the Chicken Burger. It’s location right by campus makes it easy for students to stop by and get great food during their lunch break.