Students vote with sweet tooth: Best Dessert

From staff reports

There will be mutiny when people discuss where they should get dessert, with the time-tested question of frozen yogurt or cupcakes arising.

Never fear, Sweet Mutiny combines two of your favorite treats to win the best place to get dessert as voted by WSU. While ice cream and frozen yogurt may be popular with WSU, the cupcakes that Sweet Mutiny serves sets them apart from other dessert places in the region, said Rachel Schab, manager at Sweet Mutiny.

“The original owners started with just froyo, but they saw that cupcakes were trendy and they decided to have both,” Schab said. “It’s something that’s relatively rare, to have cupcakes and froyo at the same place.”

With this in mind, the new owners kept the original vision for Sweet Mutiny as a pirate-themed, family-friendly place to get a cupcake or frozen yogurt, Schab said.

They continue to bake cupcakes daily with different flavors each day, Schab said. There are gluten free options, a party room, catering abilities and a fun atmosphere to enjoy your treat.

Reporting by Madison Jackson