Airport, roads to be upgraded

From staff reports

ASWSU and Pullman City Council held a joint meeting Wednesday where updates were given regarding many local issues, both on-campus and off.

Mayor Glenn Johnson said the Pullman-Moscow Airport is overdue for a runway realignment, with ground breaking scheduled for this summer.

He said the airport will continue to function with the current runway while the new runway is being built. The project will be inspected by the FAA during this time.

Pullman Public Works Director Kevin Gardes said there is a major road resurfacing plan that will start in the summer of 2017.

He said the areas being resurfaced are Colorado Street spanning from Opal to C Street, B Street spanning from Stadium Way to Colorado Street, Valley Road spanning from Stadium Way to Cove Way, and Merman Street spanning from Valley Road to Terre View Drive.

CEO and co-owner of College Cabs Zane Larsen said they are trying to implement a free ride system for students in need, called Safe Ride.

Larsen talked about how students who are intoxicated or do not feel safe should be able to have a safe way out of their situation even if they lose their wallet or phone.

More than 100 universities nationwide have a system like this, he said, including University of Idaho, which recently implemented College Cab’s Safe Ride system.

He said the money for the service would amount to $25 per student per semester and this gives each student two free safe rides. Larsen said Safe Ride would be an affiliate of College Cabs.

Also at the meeting, Sebatian Kalilikane, ASWSU co-Director of Diversity Efforts, said the 12th annual Multicultural Fundraising Banquet will be Feb. 23 at 5:30 p.m.

Pullman Police Sergeant Jake Opgenorth said total incidents were up 11 percent from the last three years. He also said the number of parking problems and alcohol related offenses has risen in the last three years, while suicide attempts have decreased.

Pullman Transit Manager Wayne Thompson said Pullman Transit will get two new hybrid electric buses.

Reporting by Dennis Farrell