OPINION: Pursue higher education after high school

Continue educating yourself whether it’s college, trade school, or the army



College certainly isn’t for everybody, but higher education is always a great option.


Although my first semester of college is not what I had imagined, I think every student should pursue a four-year university, two-year community college or an apprenticeship. Learning should not stop after high school graduation and should continue for the rest of your life.

“There is a whole life to navigate,” Chad Gotch, assistant professor of educational psychology, said. “I definitely think there is something to [living in dorms], being faced with regular routine things that you have to develop some self-sufficiency.”

Not only is post-secondary education helpful with additional learning, but it also comes with the chance to live in dorms. Living in dorms is a whole different world than living at home from kindergarten through high school. There are no adults to enforce rules so students must be self-sufficient with taking care of themselves, whether that is personal hygiene, making sure you eat, doing homework or spending time being social.

Living semi-independently helps young adults understand a little bit better how grownup life will be.

On the other hand, college is a great way for students to further their education that will in turn help them in finding a future career. The degree is expensive, but it will pay off in the long run when graduates can find a good job in their field of choice.

“Being able to have some kind of additional training beyond high school, some kind of post-secondary training is so important, there are a lot of different options,” said Tom Salsbury, associate professor of teaching and learning. “I have my own generation of friends who took a lot of different paths. Some went into the military, some went into technical fields and some went to four-year degrees.”

If college is not your primary choice, that is okay. There are many different ways to continue education after high school, and there is no correct path. Having some kind of experience or training will help in the long run.

There are many different fields to pursue. Culinary arts, marine biology, molecular biology and nursing are only a small portion of the unique majors students can pursue, let alone the long list of minors that are also available.

Being able to attend sports games and parties is another advantage of going to college or a university. Cougar Football Saturdays have become somewhat mythical in Pullman and for Coug fans everywhere. I have attended two Coug football games, both of which before I started attending WSU.

Seeing the student section absolutely erupt after almost every play was electric to watch. On top of the academic and personal growth, there is so much room to have fun going to football games or to hang out with friends.

Everybody should consider a two or four-year college in pursuit of a degree or higher education, as well as memories that will last forever.