ASWSU Senators announce upcoming projects

ASWSU is working to install a new emergency blue light on Ruby Street; will cost around $14,500 to $27,000



ASWSU will recreate the multicultural council, said Jenna Fitzgerald, ASWSU director of diversity and inclusion.

MATT HOLM, Evergreen reporter

ASWSU senators heard presentations about upcoming projects, including plans for a Students of Color Coalition, which will be formed between ASWSU, several student organizations from WSU and other universities. 

The universities involved in forming the Students of Color Coalition include University of Washington, Western Washington University and Central Washington University, said Jenna Fitzgerald, ASWSU director of diversity and inclusion.

The ASWSU Department of Diversity, Inclusion and Veteran Affairs is working to recreate the council for the Multicultural Student Presidents, Fitzgerald said. The council will allow students of multicultural organizations to meet and discuss events they are planning, as well as evaluate WSU administration’s commitments toward equity.

“I’ve noticed that the administration has been making strides towards equity,” Fitzgerald said, “but to be completely honest, I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t hold the title that I do at ASWSU.”

The ASWSU Safety & Security Committee is working to install a new emergency blue light on Ruby Street, said Sam Gerlach, ASWSU deputy director of safety. The project is still under development and is estimated to cost between $14,500 and $27,000.

The committee is also partnering with Cougar Health Services to host remote seminars about stress management, time management and dealing with isolation during spring 2021, Gerlach said. The first seminar is tentatively scheduled for 1 p.m. Jan. 21.

Gerlach also announced early plans for a sexual assault and aggression defense course. These will begin when WSU returns to in-person activities. 

Gerardo Zaragoza, ASWSU deputy director of communications, said he is creating a project called ASWSU Tonight. This will be a regular series of updates on ASWSU executives launched during spring 2021.