Game of the Week: Red Flags

Card game is perfect to play with four quarantine friends



The card game Red Flags is the perfect best date/worst date game to play with your friends.


It can be hard to relax during this time of high-stress classes, the pandemic and future-planning. For most of us, classes, studying and entertainment are 100 percent online. A fun way to break away from your screen is to play a game with your four closest quarantine friends.

I recommend the card game Red Flags, the game of terrible dates, by Jack Dire. We all know that dating can be hard. There’s no better way to find out what you want, and don’t want, with a silly game!

In this game, one player is chosen as “The Single.” Other players choose from a selection of “Perks,” in the form of white cards, they feel would best suit “The Single.” These cards range from a date who can speak every romance language, to a man with beachfront property.

Players go around a circle presenting their perfect date. Although “The Single” may find it hard to choose at that time, have no fear, for the red cards are yet to be distributed.

Players choose a single Red Flag, in the form of a red card, to be placed on the perfect date to their left. These cards will make or break the date.

Do you mind if your date licks every doorknob they see? Or if they don’t ever pick up the check? “The Single” then must pick their favorite date, and the play rotates to the next person. This game is sure to have you laughing all night, and there are enough cards to go for many rounds.

It is recommended that this game is played by those 18 years or older. The game can be found on Amazon for $25 and expansion packs are available.

If you decide to play or have played Red Flags, be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts about it down below. Happy playing!