Game of the week: The Game of Things

Perfect icebreaker is adaptable for playing on Zoom, just use chat box


The Game of Things is the perfect game to get to know people at college and through Zoom.


Our social lives, along with our classes, have all been converted to Zoom. It can be hard to find which ice breakers work over the virtual setting and which will make your peers very, very uncomfortable.

“The Game of Things” is a game traditionally played in person, but it can be adapted for Zoom circumstances. In “Things,” there are little slips of paper with prompts on them such as things… to eat chocolate with, things… that you would take camping and things… that would make you jump for joy.

Participants then write their answer on the slip of paper for which thing they feel would fit the prompt. Responses can be funny, serious or downright wrong. These responses are then given to a reader.

In Zoom format, all responses can be sent to the reader via private message. The reader then reads all the answers aloud to an appointed judge. Then the appointed person, who doesn’t get to write a prompt, has to guess which answer goes with which participant. Each correct answer gives a point to both the guesser and the participant who wrote the response.

I have loved playing this game with friends. Because it requires more thought to come up with responses, it can be more fun than Apples to Apples, where people are guessing the best response.

In addition, it helps people get to know each other so well. Some might think that it is a great idea to drink wine with chocolate, while others think that would be the most appalling combo imaginable.

The possibilities are endless in “The Game of Things.” You can purchase the game for less than $10 online or at Walmart.

If you have played this game in the past or play it in the future, leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences!