Letter to the editor: The importance of local politics

Dear editor,

Between fake hair and feeling the Bern, it’s easy to lose focus on the much less exciting realm of local politics.

The impact of homegrown policymaking is likely to have a much more direct effect on your life than the issues being discussed on CNN.

The Evergreen State is one of the best examples of how influential smaller scale government can be. In the past few years, the state has made national headlines due to groundbreaking policies that have been adopted.

That ounce of weed you can pick up from a strip mall on your way home would land you up to a year in prison right across the border in Idaho. You might have also noticed a decrease in your tuition bill this year. Washington is the only state in the country that is currently decreasing tuition, with a 15 percent drop over the next two years.

In D.C., these kinds of policies would have better luck getting near the Capitol on a Segway tour than in a politician’s briefcase.

There’s nothing uniquely special that brought about this change, it’s simply the result of individuals making their voices heard at the state level.

Don’t wait every four years to get involved in the political process. Register to vote now, or more specifically, before the deadline on Oct. 5.

Voting is one of the greatest things you can do in this country, but don’t limit its power. From your county assessor to state senator, use your vote to create a positive impact on your community. Remember, what local politics lacks in style, it makes up for in substance.

-Robert Kobza, sophomore political science and international business major 

The opinions expressed in this Column are not necessarily those of the staff of The Daily Evergreen or those of The Office of Student Media.