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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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It is time to take a long, hard look at who we want to be holding legislative power over womens bodies.

OPINION: Protect our right to abortion

MIKAYLA FINNERTY, Editor-in-chief February 3, 2022

Abortion and reproductive rights are essential healthcare for all people. No state or court should restrict women’s freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies.  Jan. 22 was the 49th anniversary...

We allow the media to control our information — what if we as a society regained control of the news?

OPINION: Media must regain public trust

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor January 13, 2022

It is getting significantly harder to trust news sources. Yes, this is coming from someone who works in journalism. It is no surprise that most major outlets for news have begun to lose their credibility...

Attention on Jeffrey Epsteins life of crime and eventual death hang over Maxwells trial.

Fair trial for Ghislaine Maxwell impossible

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen columnist December 2, 2021

  *Editor's Note: All mentions of Ghislaine Maxwell's charges and alleged illegal actions have been changed to be preceded by "allegedly" or "alleged," as Maxwell's guilt has yet to be determined...

Advocating for Indigenous people is expecially important at WSU, considering we occupy their land.

Media contributes to injustices against Indigenous peoples

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Managing editor December 2, 2021

When a white woman goes missing, there is often a media frenzy surrounding the case. Some, such as the recent murder of van life influencer Gabby Petito, have captured the attention of the nation. The...

The effects of climate change can be seen in the Palouse, from the increase in maximum summer temperatures to the increase in annual number of days above freezing.

Everyone’s carbon footprint counts

GAYATHRI KRISHNAMOORTHY, Evergreen columnist November 18, 2021

What do you know about the current impacts of climate change and the measures that are being taken to counteract its effects? If you know anything, it may be the political aspects of it.  You may have...

Commerce has been around for centuries and has contributed to the advancement of our society. However, it is important to recognize its faults.

Survival of the richest

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor November 15, 2021

I have always said if you want to control someone’s life, all you need to do is make them financially dependent on you. It is eerie, but it is true. Money is what gives us access to our most basic...

We are now in a position where life can somewhat resume as we once knew it. However, some are not ready for the return.

Ill effects of illness

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor November 8, 2021

I want to preface my words by saying I am not an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer or a COVID-19 denier. The pandemic is still going on, and until it reaches endemic levels, it is important to keep safety in mind. On...

Determining what your own opinions and beliefs are outside of your friends and peers gives you a leg up in self-confidence.

Do not be a sheep

SAMANTHA RADCLIFFE, Evergreen columnist November 4, 2021

In our society, we are ruled by democracy. Rather, we are ruled by the will of the majority. We tend to blindly listen to and accept the majority opinion, even when it is evidently illogical or unreasonable.  For...

Humans have two choices in conflict: violence or nonviolence. Many people disagree about the use of violence in general. But others believe it is warranted depending on the circumstances.

Violence not always the answer

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor October 18, 2021

When you see a mean person on a sidewalk, how do you react? Perhaps this person is making fun of a person who cannot speak English very well. Perhaps this person is throwing slurs at whoever passes by...

Protests on Terrell Mall lack efficacy and only serve as an impediment to students’ daily business. The protests don’t change students’ minds, and though they’re legal, they really have no place on WSU’s campus.

Terrell Mall protests are pointless

TYLER WILEY, Evergreen columnist October 18, 2021

Protests are a mainstay of modern democratic societies, but just because you can speak in public does not mean you always should.   Protests on Glen Terrell Mall have been happening...

Violators of this new declaration will be subject to community service, finally giving them a chance to do something actually helpful.

SATIRE: U.S. government declares giving unsolicited advice illegal

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Managing editor September 30, 2021

Last month, in the wake of being told by a fellow senator to try doing yoga stretches to “help his lack of a backbone,” Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell proposed a new bill that would make giving out...

The COVID-19 vaccination mandate for hospitals resulted in many outraged
medical professionals. Where should the line be drawn regarding personal liberty and public

COVID-19 vaccination more important than personal liberty

SAMANTHA RADCLIFFE, Evergreen columnist September 27, 2021

Editor’s note: All names have been changed for the sources’ protection. In early August, Gov. Jay Inslee announced a mandate that requires healthcare workers and many others to be fully vaccinated...

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