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The grumpy old party is inaction in practice

The GOP focuses more on complaining and blaming than implementing valid political reform.

TYLER LAFERRIERE | Evergreen columnist

October 30, 2015

I never thought I would live to see it, but a sitting President of the United States actually compared the opposition to a meme.In case you missed it, President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum likened the Republican Party politicians to Grumpy Cat.“It does mak...

Kill or be Killed

Top trophy hunting countries in Africa based on proportion of hunters visiting. Regulating animal populations through trophy hunting is necessary for the well-being of human lives.

Philip Grossenbacher | Evergreen columnist

September 24, 2015

Kill or be killed: that’s the reality for many families in villages in the African country of Botswana in the two years following the illegalization of trophy hunting.Animals such as lions and elephants have been allowed to run rampant, taking their toll on the livelihood of some of the poorest com...

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