ASWSU President with a promise for the future

Dear Incoming Students,

Welcome to your new home, Washington State University. WSU is unique in many different ways, but most importantly in the area of student life. Student life is considered everything you do with other students outside of the classroom. That can include studying, intramurals, the Greek community, and so on. The thing that sets WSU apart from other universities is that fact that student life is so big. Since you most likely leave at least an hour away from campus, and most of you more, not many students leave campus or go home every weekend or very often at all.

Instead, students get involved. They join academic clubs in their intended area of study, they join the Greek community, they interact within their own hall government. The key idea is that Cougs get involved. Now, you probably got a lecture from someone back home saying something along the lines of “go to class” and “school comes first.” Well, they are correct in the sense that as I hope your first priority is to graduate and get a diploma. However, the one thing that many parents and guardians overlook is the importance of getting involved.

Becoming a member of a student organization teaches you lessons that the classroom alone will not. Being a member of a student organization helps develop your leadership skills, personal development, and many other aspects of your maturity as a person. Not to mention, most organizations have a form of peer mentorship. The aforementioned skills are those when paired with your in-class education will land you the job after college.

Don’t believe me? Ask a current student here how much they have loved getting involved. Still don’t believe me? Less than five years ago The Wall Street Journal published an article regarding the top 25 colleges in the country that best prepares students for the work force. Washington State made the list, for the reasons that I stated above.

One common concern students have regarding getting involved is the time commitment. Just remember, most organizations are very flexible and are all run by fellow students who understand the importance of academics as a priority.

WSU students want you, yes you, to succeed. Now you may ask what the best way to succeed is? My answer is to get Involved.

Welcome and go Cougs!