Social interaction is benefit to working on campus

Main priority to keep CUB clean; job more draining since start of pandemic



Working at the CUB during the COVID-19 pandemic is more draining compared to busier semesters.


Working on campus offers many benefits for student employees, including feeling connected to campus and the Coug community. 

Compton Union Building manager Daniel Armijo said he started working at the CUB to build experience for his future career. Armijo is majoring in management information systems. 

He is in charge of attending the front desk and oversees all the daily operations of the building.

Since the pandemic started, CUB employees’ main priority is cleaning and making sure COVID-19 policies are being followed, Armijo said. 

Dana Torlone is a senior at WSU majoring in management information systems, who also started working as a building manager for the CUB two years ago. 

Working at the CUB during the pandemic is draining because Torlone said she is just sitting at a desk and nobody really comes in. She said this is even more draining during a pandemic than it is normally.

“Earlier last year we’d have so many people come through, we’d always be on our feet helping people and I found that more enjoyable,” she said. 

According to the CUB website, students who use CUB facilities must complete their daily attestation, wear a mask, adhere to capacity restrictions and clean their space. 

A new cleaning system has also been put into place. Handrails, buttons, tables and the information desk get cleaned every hour, Armijo said. 

“We’re allowed to have some events and meetings, but there’s still pretty strict restrictions on how many people and what types of events. The rules have loosened just a little bit with Phase 2,” he said. 

Banks, some restaurants, the Bookie and study areas are still open, Armijo said. 

With WSU conducting arrival testing, students are coming into study more this semester compared to last, he said.

“I still enjoy [working at the CUB], it’s less hours and I’m working with a few different people from around the CUB right now,” Armijo said.

Armijo said he has gotten to see some familiar faces from the past and work with some new people. Working at the CUB is a good excuse to get out of the house and see people around Pullman, he said.

Armijo said he feels more connected to campus and other Cougs, which is a benefit of working for the university. 

“Talking to my co-workers is the highlight of my time,” Torlone said. “It’s nice to have that social interaction once in a while.”