OPINION: We should take advantage of springtime in Pullman 

Spring weather is taking over Pullman, and students are loving it

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor

Spring in Pullman is a long-awaited season of fresh air, melting snow, green grass on Thompson Flats, long walks through campus and daffodils and dandelions dotting the lawns on College Hill. 

A particularly precious sight after a long winter in online classes, many students are taking the opportunity to spend more time safely practicing social distancing in their outdoor activities.

“I absolutely love [Pullman in the spring],” Ashley Buhner, freshman sport management major said. “I literally come outside to study every day.”

This is an overpowering feeling in Pullman right now. The need to enjoy our town as it makes a turn into warm, breezy weather is a welcome feeling compared to the cabin fever we all experienced from January to March. 

Greek chapters are having philanthropies on their front stoops, and every pandemic puppy is taking a break from their nap to play fetch at Ruby Street Park. 

Though we are missing the usual walks through campus with the radio station blaring from Murrow, students are still finding things to look forward to in this new and exciting season. 

Alexander Jensen, senior creative writing and psychology double major, said they are used to the west side’s rainy spring as they are from Bothell, Washington.

“I love just a crisp, spring morning,” they said. 

I personally look forward to the way Pullman becomes its own greenhouse after such a long winter. Walks with friends, sitting outside in the sun during online classes or while I write a paper are all such lovely Pullman pastimes when everything this semester has become lethargic and tedious. 

“I absolutely love cherry blossom trees and that kind of pink petal aesthetic … so I would just go hang out beneath them when I was on campus,” Jensen said.

Though I rarely find myself on campus anymore, I plan to take a hike up there this week to find these gorgeous trees. 

Even with the incredible 70-degree weather we had this past Saturday, Pullman is well known for its rapid changes of mind when it comes to chilly weather, so I will not wait long!

“One of the best things so far has been intramural softball,” Buhner said. “It’s fun to see people because of COVID-19, you know?”

Soon enough Pullman will be emptying out for the break. 

Take advantage of our little coffee shops’ outdoor seating, our parks, our intramural sports, and our gorgeous scenery to study for your finals. 

Make a few more memories before another semester at WSU comes to a close!