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For landlords and tenants alike, air conditioning does not seem to be a financial possibility. We need other ways to stay cool as the summer heat increases year to year.

Air conditioning too expensive for many, new ideas necessary to stay cool

MEGHAN HENRY July 19, 2021

For a week and a half in June I jumped from friends' apartments to other friends' houses — anything with an air conditioning — a portable fan in one hand and a water spritzer in the other. With...

Films characterizing all colleges as party central set students up for a very different reality.

SATIRE: College movies create unrealistic expectations for students


When I first came to college, fresh out of high school, I think I expected it to be largely the same but with somewhat more difficult work. Some people might expect it to be significantly harder; some...

An unexpected experience with a cult at Cougar College affects three students' lives.

SATIRE: Locals share stories as cult survivors

LOREN NEGRON, Evergreen editor-in-chief June 28, 2021

Note: All names have been changed to ensure the safety of sources. Things aren't always what they seem at first. One event always leads to another.  How did I get here? Cyrus thought. How in the...

WSU has shown some steps toward perpetuating diversity and inclusion on campus. There is, however, much more to be done so that all faculty and students feel represented and welcome.

Colleges, corporations have long way to go to adequately represent LGBTQ+ community

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 11, 2021

Pride Month has arrived, which means a month of gleeful parades, education on queer history and celebrating queer people’s right to exist and love as they are. With that, however, also comes a bombardment...

Though we may feel stuck in our dorms and residence halls, RAs and administrators are working hard to help us feel connected.

Life on campus is what you make of it, even during pandemic

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 7, 2021

Ever since our lives were interrupted by COVID-19 over a year ago, it feels like there is so much out of our control. From our health to our finances to our academics, much of the past year has been...

The traditional and modern buildings of campus mix well, creating an unexpectedly-enchanting look.

Distinct feel of Pullman campus is traditional, yet still enchanting


I understand quite little about TikTok. I have heard about the aesthetics that have popped up like cottagecore and have always been familiar with other aesthetics such as “vintage-inspired” and grunge. Pullman...

Mysterious creatures might be hiding in plain sight on WSU Pullman's campus.

SATIRE: Mascots tend to be a friendly presence, but what is really under the mask?


Mascots are weird. From Syracuse University’s Otto the Orange, Miami Heat’s Burnie, who has allegedly been sued more than once, or King Cake Baby in New Orleans, to the strange yam ninja Jinenga of...

After a semester of supporting their fellow Greek students through online school, managing safety protocols for COVID-19 and leading individual chapters of their own, Greek leaders deserve a break.

Greek leaders deserve to rest this summer

MEGHAN HENRY May 28, 2021

Amid the stress of another semester online and the balance of mental health and getting work done, Greek leaders at WSU were pushing for new goals. As this semester was the first one in leadership for...

Recruiters seem to be sneaking their way into everyone's emails and high schools to find new recruits.

SATIRE: Dear military recruiters, stop texting me


People who serve in the military have my respect. It is brave, both for the risk of combat — no matter how great of a risk it is at that time — but also for the time commitment and the seemingly unwavering...

Washington state universities seem to be unknown to some American students. Without sports teams that are household names or academics that are renowned by a majority nationwide, students outside of Washington state are not familiar with us.

Out of state, WSU lacks strong reputation


As an out-of-stater myself, I wanted to know what people thought of WSU — or if they knew of it at all. Most people, I figured, did not look through a book of every university in the country and narrow...

When applying for college, the location of campus is often a major factor. Some prefer experiencing college in a small town rather than a city, and this preference can affect which colleges we pay attention to.

University’s perceived ‘popularity’ affected by location


Driving about an hour and a half out of Pullman, I remember there being a large “GO COUGS!” painted on the side of a building in a field. When I return to Chelan to visit my father, I can see flags...

Funky patterns and bright colors are coming back into fashion, just in time for spring.

OPINION: Students should add color to wardrobe this spring

MEGHAN HENRY April 29, 2021

Spring in Pullman is a cornucopia of vibrancy and adventure. A walk down Monroe Street is a rendezvous with countless acquaintances, and a trip to Reaney or Ruby Street Park will highlight the soft, sprouting...

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