Sketch artist shares his work

From staff reports

Darsie Beck, a travel sketch journalist, will give an artist talk in the CUB Auditorium at 7 p.m., Tuesday. The talk corresponds with the current CUB Gallery Exhibit, “Sketching in the Moment” from Feb. 2 to March 6.

“I’ve been a passionate sketcher for years,” Beck said.

About 50 of his journals are on display at WSU, covering a span of five years, he said. He said the journals are a view of who he is. He said it’s interesting to look back every few days or even look back a few years in his journals to see what he saw and inspired him to sketch on a particular day.

“What I sketched comes right back to me, what I felt, everything,” Beck said.

Beck sketches in ink and watercolors, but he does much more than sketch, he said. He is also an author, landscaper, speaker, and product designer.

“I’m a builder, I just can’t stop thinking of things to create,” Beck said.

Beck said he considers himself an “everyday creative human being,” and sketching each day supports that idea. Beck felt talking about his experiences as a product developer, landscaper and artist would give them more meaning, he said.

“I needed to blend the material that I got from my business related experience into the art experience,” Beck said.

Reporting by Addy Forte