Meet the candidates: Adam Crouch and Kyle Geiger

A soon-to-be freshman college student Adam Crouch stepped onto WSU’s campus for his first summer Alive! session almost four years ago. As hundreds of students shifted around him, he could sense something big was about to happen.

This was his first true Coug experience, he said. It solidified a passion for WSU that he already knew he possessed.

On March 11, the collective student body of WSU will cast their votes determining whether he should serve as ASWSU’s president for the next fall and spring semesters.

Kyle Geiger, Crouch’s presidential running mate, would assume the vice president position respectively.

Both men have held leadership positions with ASWSU, the Interfraternity Council, and other student groups on campus.

Crouch believes his ticket offers a new perspective. It is the mission of his five-pillar campaign to generate engagement, connectivity, transparency, voice, and community both on and off WSU’s campus.

The desire of both men is to not only show how leaders are and should be acting, but to show how regular students can benefit from campus-wide student organizations.

 “The average student doesn’t know what goes on through ASWSU unless they are involved,” Geiger said. “We both have one year of experience with ASWSU. We can identify what did not work.”

Crouch and Geiger, before their time with ASWSU, spent three years gaining experience in fraternity life and student clubs within their majors.

Crouch is a marketing major. Geiger is a neuroscience major. These studies are not typical, Geiger said, for individuals pursuing a high ranking ticket within ASWSU.

They’re nearing an end with their studies as they currently maintain senior status. Both men are extending their stay for a fifth year.

“Crouch can graduate,” Geiger said. “I have worked my credits around to plan on staying longer.”

This decision to remain on campus a little longer is driven by their overarching pillar of engagement.

“The more engaged you are,” Geiger said, “the more you enjoy your time on campus.”

This engagement relies heavily on the voice of students being heard, he said, rather than ASWSU assuming a voice for them.

“ASWSU is a representation of the student body,” Crouch said. “You can’t be the only one that talks. You have to sit back and listen.”

While he acknowledges that ASWSU, and his campaign itself, has a lot of ideas, the students should come first, Crouch said. This includes long-lasting programs that will be handed down to their leadership, should they be elected.

For Crouch and Geiger, they plan to strengthen programs that are currently successful and structure them to the needs of the community. This perspective extends a desire to be transparent and trust students to lead the decisions of ASWSU.

“We should all be participating; be more creative,” Geiger said.

Their five pillar agenda is intended to achieve this unity.

Tracking back to Crouch’s first true Coug experience, he went on to be known as OC Adam for hundreds of students between 2012 and 2013. This experience is important in understanding his long term intentions with ASWSU, he said.

The passion that drove his initial change is what encourages Crouch in this current political race.

“Ensuring the best possible experience at WSU was what motivated me to continue that role for the following two summers,” he said. “It continues to be my driving force today.”

Additional information can be found at A presidential debate between ASWSU tickets will take place this Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the CUB.