Listen Live for little Lorelei

Students showcased their acoustic talent Wednesday afternoon at Cable 8’s Listen Live for Lorelei event. This event was the second fundraiser for Cable 8’s Cougar Vision Outreach program, L.O.V.E (Lending Our Voices to Erby Palsy) for Lorelei.

The campaign is dedicated to helping local 15-month-old Lorelei Smith, who was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy, and her single mother, Tammi Smith.

When Lorelei was born, the nerves in her neck were torn out of her spinal cord and her right arm was paralyzed. Surgery has helped restore nerves in Lorelei’s right arm and she is able to move it. Already, Lorelei has had to make 17 costly trips to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Cable 8 is hoping to raise $5,000 by the end of the semester to help Lorelei and her family pay for her health expenses.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to give to the community,” said senior communication major Kaiulani Bush. “We’re all in college and it’s easy to forget to appreciate the little things, so it helps us recognize what’s important,”

“We’re excited to have so many performers and people being so generous and donating,” said Cable 8 Special Events Coordinator Morgan Cole.

Following Links for Lorelei, the previous fundraiser, Listen Live for Lorelei was a benefit concert in the CUB Den that featured Washington State student performances from Eric Goodwin, Andrew Turner and Beth Waddleton. Sam Smith covers, alternative jams and original songs provided a soulful soundtrack to Cable 8’s cause.

Raffle ticket sales at Listen Live for Lorelei successfully helped generate more than $500. More than $621 worth of prizes were donated to the event. For as little as a dollar, people could purchase a ticket and enter a raffle to win prizes, such as a Cougar Cottage gift card, Sweet Mutiny gift card, two Springfest tickets, and more.

Attendees included Lorelei Smith herself along with her mother. Former ASWSU Vice President Lakeesha Farmer also made a guest appearance on stage to express her support for the event.

“We are very passionate students. It’s great to come together for a cause, and that cause is Lorelei,” Farmer said.

“It’s amazing. We didn’t know something like this would happen,” said Lorelei’s mother Tammi Smith. “We can’t believe the support that we’ve gotten… it makes my heart full.”

With the money raised by Cable 8, Lorelei’s mother is hoping to use it towards paying for therapy for Lorelei.

Cable 8’s final fundraiser for this campaign is called “Lay-Ups for Lorelei” and will take place on Sunday, March 29 in Bohler Gym. Those interested in donating can visit