It’s all fun and games

From staff reports

Grab a headset and mouse; it’s time to play in the CUB Senior Ballroom for WSU’s 13th annual WSUCon.

Linux Users Group, LUG, will host WSUCon, a social gaming event for all types of gamers. The two-day event will consist of PC games, card games, console games, table-top games and more. The event will take place Jan. 30-31, but early registration is advised.

LUG President Andrew Lytle said registration is required for students wanting to participate in the tournaments or bring their computers, but spectators can simply show up to watch the various games or play card games.

“We have a limited number of seats for computers and PC gamers so registering confirms your place for you (and your computer),” Lytle said.

Four tournaments will be featured including, “Super Smash Bros.,” “Counter-Strike,” “Team Fortress 2” and “League of Legends.” Games such as “Terraria,” “Minecraft,” “Portal” and any other games a student might bring can be played as well.

The purpose of WSUCon is to create an atmosphere and culture for the gaming community, said Rachel Forbes, vice president of LUG. Instead of gaming in one’s apartment alone, students can game with a whole bunch of people.

The tournaments and games will be staggered, starting at 5 p.m. Friday and ending 5 p.m. Saturday. The event is free, and students can come and go as they please. Tournament times vary, so for more information about registration visit: