Choosing a monster mash

Celebrate Halloween with music for any atmosphere



We all have our own music tastes and that applies for Halloween music too! Choose a playlist for your vibe and press play.


Oct. 31 is approaching fast! These 23 songs will have you grooving and moving in all your spooky Halloween glory. No matter the atmosphere you are going for, music completes every party.

Pick your poison and press play.

Dracula’s Rave has songs with upbeat bass or melodies, perfect for a dance party or club atmosphere. Jam out all night long with some additions from this list.

A Witch’s Night In is a great choice if you are planning to have a more chill spooky night. There are nine songs below that could enhance the atmosphere. 

Raising the Dead has six songs that are absolute headbangers with heavy guitar and a LOUD atmosphere. I would recommend apologizing to your neighbors before you choose any of these songs for Halloween night. With that said, enjoy Halloween and jam out to your favorite spooky-themed songs! 

Dracula’s Rave:

This list is perfect if you are looking for upbeat and danceable songs to add to your spooky playlist! Kim Petras has an uneasy but upbeat sound that makes her songs a perfect match for Halloween.

Twice’s song “TT” pulls you into their Halloween world and just as easily catches you dancing along to the music. And an undeniably familiar song, “Spooky, Scary Skeletons – Undead Tombstone Remix” by Andrew Gold, rounds out the dance playlist with a catchy tune recognizable to most.

“Close your eyes” – Kim Petras 

“Bloody Valentine” – Kim Petras

“Boo! Bitch!” – Kim Petras

“TT” – Twice 

“Sugarboy” – St.Vincent

“No Spell” – Thee of Sees

“Potions” – LYELL

“Spooky, Scary Skeletons- Undead Tombstone Remix” – Andrew Gold

A Witch’s Night In:

If your Halloween plans to be a little more chill instead of crazy dance scenes and heavy rock, look no further for tracks to add to your playlist. “In the City” by Chromatics is a classic uneasy track that will have your night started off right.

“Demons” by Zaia is a groovy low tone song that tells a story and gives off impending suspicion. Rounding off this list, “Spooky Scary Skeletons” by Blas is a calm version of the original by Andrew Gold and will keep an enjoyably relaxed environment.

“In the City” – Chromatics

“Demons” – Zaia

“Spooky” – LVCRFT

“Shoom” – TR/ST

“Girl With One Eye” – Florence + the Machine

“Dark Lady” – Cher

“Psycho Killer” – 2005 Remaster – Talking Heads

“Different Creatures” – Circa Waves

“Spooky Scary Skeleton” – Blas

Raising the Dead: 

This list is composed of heavy and hardy guitar, drums, bass and extreme vocals. If you don’t want to take your Halloween lightly, add these tracks to your list and jam out all night long.

Thee of Sees has multiple songs that radiate unapologetic energy with a touch of spooky fun. “Reverse Crystal // Murder of a Spider” and “BODY/PRISON” exude adrenaline with a slight eerie tone to their core. 

“Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” – Thee Of Sees

“The Floating Coffin” – Thee Oh Sees

“Night Crawler” – Thee Oh Sees

“There Will Be Blood” – Kim Petras 

“Reverse Crystal // Murder of a Spider” – YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN

“BODY/PRISON” – HEALTH, Perturbator