Photo essay: Pullman Police patrol Greek Row during Halloween

Pullman PD officers Garrett Willis, Joseph Geil patrolled College Hill during Halloween weekend



Willis speaks with another officer at the intersection of Northeast California Street and Northeast A Street, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021, in Pullman, Wash. Willis talked about reports of a suspicious individual in the area.

COLE QUINN, Evergreen Sports Photographer

Editor’s note: All photos were taken by Evergreen photo editor Cole Quinn.

Halloween weekend is typically a busy weekend for students at Washington State University. Parties stretch across the College Hill Neighborhood for as far as the eye can see.

One way the Pullman Police Department keeps the neighborhood under control is by patrolling the area. Whether on foot or in their car, officers regularly keep eye on any detail they determine to be worthy of intervening.

On Saturday night, Patrol Officer Garrett Willis and Officer Joseph Geil conducted their usual patrol of the neighborhood.

As the patrol officer for College Hill, Willis engages in many programming events for fraternities and sororities. Willis said those programs bridge the gap between officers and the public. They also help change people’s views on police.

Geil (left) and Willis (right) compliment a student’s costume on the intersection of Northeast Colorado Street and Northeast Monroe Street. Many students struck up conversations with Geil and Willis while walking by.

The Pullman Fire Department helps law enforcement respond to calls. During busy weekends like Halloween, both groups are ready to respond to calls of overdose, alcohol intoxication, unconscious people among other things.