SEB books artists with top student votes

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Name, year: Ali Ruther, junior

Occupation: Student Entertainment Board (SEB) Up All Night programmer

How long has SEB been doing these events?
“SEB came together in 2003 and it’s grown bigger and bigger as years have gone on and there has been more of a need for different programs for all sorts of students. Up All Night used to be a faculty-run event, but then it switched over to students around 2003.”

Do you have a favorite memory from your first Up All Night?
“My friends and I went because we were looking for the discounted piercings. We didn’t find it, but it actually was there, and we were really just surprised that the school would bring a piercing station for all these students. But it was really fun, and we ended up staying for the free food and karaoke, and we had a good time!”

Can you tell me a bit about some previous years at Cougfest?
“Last year was Joey Purp and Chiddy Bang, and I had listened to Chiddy Bang a long time ago when I was younger, so it was really cool to meet him along with Joey Purp, who is a new and upcoming artist, so it was really cool to meet him as well.”

What can you tell me about SEB’s selection process for artists at Coug Fest?
“When they send out surveys, they do try to book the artists that have the top student votes. Sometimes, it’s hard because those artists are doing something else, or they’re out of our budget, so it does become hard. I know some students think that we don’t try to use their influence, but we really do, and we try to make this about the students.

Editor’s note: The SEB staff is hosting Amine, a hip-hop artist who is performing at this year’s Cougfest, at 7 p.m. this Wednesday on the Todd Hall steps. Admission is free.