WSU Foundation hosting 7th annual Cougs Giving Day next week

Event to highlight WSU campuses, colleges; donors have option to become Coug ambassadors



On the WSU Pullman campus, Cougs Give will have a photo booth from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 13 on Glenn Terrell Mall.


WSU Foundation is hosting its annual Cougs Giving Day on April 13, allowing alumni, friends and others to donate in support of WSU programs. 

Cougs Give is a one-day fundraising event and is about celebrating the impact of WSU philanthropy, said Spencer Farrin, WSU Foundation direct marketing and annual giving assistant director.

“[It highlights] some of the important areas that fundraising supports and donors support, and it really just unites people to share their stories of impact, their reasons why they give to WSU and for people to offer their support,” Farrin said. 

Details are still being finalized for each of the WSU campuses, but there will be some sort of engagement with the development offices for each campus, said Jess Billings, WSU Foundation annual giving senior director. 

For the Pullman campus, Cougs Give will set up a photo booth from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Glenn Terrell Mall, Billings said. They will also provide food, music and T-shirts. 

On April 13, people who want to donate can go to the Cougs Give website, Farrin said. When someone donates, they can also sign up to be a Coug Ambassador. This will prompt them to make a personalized donation link to share with friends and family members so they can donate as well. 

By becoming an ambassador, people can use their voice to campaign and speak about how philanthropy has made a difference and an impact on them personally and their journey at WSU, Billings said. 

The event first started in 2015, and every year, the donation total has slowly grown, Farrin said. So far, a total of $1.91 million has been donated. 

In 2021, the event brought in just over $700,000, Billings said. The money raised each year supports a number of areas that will be highlighted on the Cougs Give website. 

“All of our campuses and colleges and a number of special interest areas are highlighted on the platform,” she said. 

WSU has a broad group of donors, with the largest being alumni, Farrin said. There is also a large group of people referred to as “friends” who are not alumni but donate to WSU. 

“Our faculty and staff are actually a pretty significant source of giving on the day, and we do get quite a few gifts from students,” he said. 

Cougs Giving Day is meant to highlight individual people who donate and why they give, he said. The day shines a light on each individual because every gift matters. 

“Every gift makes a difference,” Farrin said. “I think it’s a great day for everyone to join in and celebrate at WSU.” 

Farrin has been a part of the event every year since 2017. Each year, something unexpected happens, such as someone reaching out to make a significant donation or someone wanting to endow a new scholarship. There have been amazing personal stories coming out of the event about why people donate, he said. 

“You hear the great stories and all the reasons why people are so passionate about WSU, and you get those kind of personified perfect little stories that show it,” Farrin said. “This has become such a great way for people to share those and to get really excited.”