Fill, weigh and pay the sustainable way

Newly owned specialty market Grander Goods provides an opportunity to refill household goods in a sustainable way



On the back wall of Grander Goods, customers can fill up containers with any quantity they need. In the center of the room, there are pump-able liquid cleaning supplies, shampoos and more.

MIKAYLA FINNERTY, Editor-in-chief

WSU Alum Avianna Hames was ready to ditch Pullman for Spokane until Pups and Cups owner CJ Robert gave her a business opportunity she could not refuse. 

“So we’re like, okay, what can we bring to the community that nobody else has, and that’s also Pullman local,” Hames said.

They agreed that there was not a store closer than Seattle that offered refillable sustainable and allergen-friendly household options. 

So together they created Grander Goods, a zero-waste and allergen-friendly market located in downtown Pullman, in the former space of Manny’s Coffee House. Community members are able to refill common household goods such as flours, vinegars, oils,  teas, toiletries and more. 

It took three months of brainstorming and 21 days of remodeling for Grander Goods to make its grand opening the weekend of April 1st, Hames said.

“Manny was really looking for someone to just kind of take over,” Hames said, “We’re lucky that Manny was such a nice person.” 

Moscow resident Krissy McMasters heard about Grander Goods through one of her friends on Facebook. 

“I remember being like ‘OMG please be around here,” she said. “I’ve been wanting a store like this for months.”

The products are made with allergen-friendly or scent-free ingredients, and are safe for children, animals and people. 

Grander Goods is currently offering a buy-back promotion where anyone can bring in a closable container for a 5% in-store discount. 

Customers are also encouraged to bring in their own personal closable containers to refill with any of the products in-store. Containers previously holding bleach products are discouraged. 

“It helps us in the long run because we don’t have to keep buying these plastic items, and then it also helps the community lessen their waste,”  Hames said.

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The market sells tea from Revival Tea Company located in Spokane, as well as natural products from Faire, an online wholesaler.

Grander Goods sells mostly local merchandise. The decision to incorporate Revival was under the request of local community members who found it time-consuming to drive to Spokane for their tea needs. 

The market is community-oriented, allowing local artists to display artwork. Currently, Pups and Cups employee Destiny Whitcomb has her artwork displayed inside the market. 

The market also has local knickknacks throughout the store and is a place for local artists to keep all of their work, Hames said. 

Hames and Roberts will be renting out their office space attached to the shop to Lillia Skye, who has an 811.7 k following on Tik Tok. Skye will offer appointment only metaphysical practices such as tarot card readings, palm readings and more. 

They also have plans to start a community garden outside the market’s front door. 

Hames said Grander Goods is open to suggestions for future projects, and also takes special orders to accommodate all community members.

“I do love Pullman; it’s a really nice community and I have fallen in love with all the people around here,” Hames said.